Five Things Managers and Supervisors Can Learn From The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan


Patience:  Cesar never gives up on his clients.  He rehabilitates dogs and trains people to practice patience and perseverance.  Managers who have patience can rehab their operation and train their people to achieve greatness and stability.

Insight:  Cesar uses his instincts and experience to recognize the root cause of the problem almost immediately.  Managers who use their experience and best judgment to guide their decisions will have an impact on their organization’s success.

Positive Energy:  Cesar always encounters a situation with a positive result in mind.  Managers who are ‘reactive’ rather than ‘proactive’ almost never achieve success.

Fearlessness:  Cesar faces every challenge knowing the risks involved and visualizes the steps he needs to take to get the job done.  Managers who see obstacles as opportunities approach each challenge with confidence in their abilities.

Get Help When You Need It:  Cesar recognizes when he needs to employ the help of his family, his co-workers, or his ‘pack’ and never hesitates to ask for their help.  Managers who seek out the help of others minimize the risk of not getting it right.


2 thoughts on “Five Things Managers and Supervisors Can Learn From The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan

  1. Cheryll says:

    After so many years, you can still teach me a thing or two! How Lucky I am! Miss your style and interpretations!

  2. Jim Yoakum says:

    Dave, I enjoy your posts but particularly this one. I am a big fan of the Dog Whisperer, having read some of his books and an avid viewer of his TV show. I have never though about applying his practices and methodologies to business. Thanks for opening my eyes to something new. Just one question . . . are implying employees are trainable like dogs?

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