OSU vs Michigan 1971, I was there…

who could forget that cold saturday in the big house before it was called the big house?  cold, sleet, then sunshine, sitting behind the OSU bench in my low cut converse tennis shoes…probably without socks…freezing our butts off….Tom Campana running back two long punt returns, both called back on penalties, Randy Gradishar getting knocked goofy and Vic Koegel having to tell him what to do on every play the rest of the game…thom darden climbing all over dick wakefield (i think) late in the game as we were driving for the go ahead touchdown and Woody going berserk on the sidline markers because there was no interference called.  it happened right in front of us…and then afterward going to some party at someone’s house…some michigan student with whom we had struck up a conversation and accepted their invitation to join the victory party at their house.  that was cool but  i remember being reluctant, almost scared, to go, but it turned out to be a good time.  the details are fuzzy but no one mugged us or beat us to a pulp…and i was just glad to be warm after a cold afternoon in Michigan stadium, as it was simply known back then…..one of my most indelible memories of our time at OSU.

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