Three Heroes in One Day

The real heroes in this world are those who deal with personal challenges every day and WIN.

At the community center today, while swimming laps, I met a man who was in his 3rd year of recovering from a stroke.  It took him 18 months to get back on his feet.  Now he is swimming laps and exercising 5 days a week.

Another man wheeled his adult son into the pool and helped him get on his feet and then walked him around the lazy river for exercise.  The younger man obviously had physical and mental challenges…cerebral palsy perhaps.

The strength of these two men is inspiring.  Most of us have it so easy.

A coworker told me about her 28 year old severely autistic son who after many years at home was finally admitted into an assisted living facility.  She told me about the day at 9 months of age, he woke up and was staring blankly into space, averting his eyes and avoiding hers.  She cared for him for many years and at age 28 was still in diapers and non-communicative.  The boys father died about 12 years ago leaving her with no help to care for their autistic son. 

These are the real heroes in the world.


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