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Return of the Native; Leaders never quit and quitters never lead…

Lebron comes home to Cleveland tonight. He’s not really a native of Cleveland…more like a native of northeast Ohio. Truth be known, he probably doesn’t even like Cleveland much. Akron is his hometown.

He left Cleveland in July. but he quit on Cleveland last spring during the NBA playoffs. He pretty much just said “to hell with it, I can’t win here and I’m tired of leading this band of vagabonds all by myself” (cue Barry Manilow music) and he pretty much stopped playing at that point.

It’s pretty tough carrying a team around on your shoulders all the time. Lebron decided it wasn’t worth it anymore so he packed up his talents and moved to South Beach.

It’s not that he left or even HOW he left. It’s that he quit. He quit before the fat lady sang. He quit before the last out was made. He quit before the last whistle had blown the play dead. He quit. plain and simple. He gave up on himself, on his teammates, and the entire city of cleveland.  And that is why the city of Cleveland is so upset.  It wasn’t the decision to leave.  It was the decision to quit. 

Instead of yelling or laughing or cursing his presence tonight when he starts sprinkling powder on his hands, we should just shake our heads and pity him.  Nobody is saying that though.  Everyone is focusing on his return and his ‘decision’ to leave when we should recognize him for what he is.  He’s a quitter.  The rest of the sports world might not know it, but we here in Cleveland do.